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Château du Hohlandsbourg

Located on the heights of the county of Wintzenheim, Hohlandsburg Castle is an Alsatian historic gem, allowing visitors to travel back to medieval times and imagine themselves in the shoes of a Lord or Knight in the middle ages.

A castle with a turbulent history

The Castle of Hohlandsbourg was built in the thirteenth century by Siegfried of Gundolsheim on a site that had been occupied since the Bronze Age, allowing the city of Colmar and its region to be watched. After being founded by revolutionary bourgeois, the Castle was burned and passed into the hands of various noblemen, before being bought in 1563, by Lazare de Schwendi, the then Great General of the Empire. The latter enlarges the fortress and improves its artillery. During the Thirty Years War, the castle is destroyed by its own troops, fearing it may fall into Austrian hands. Listed as a Historic Monument, the Castle of Hohlandsburg is restored at the end of the 20th century, followed by further work to give it back all the splendour it deserves and transform it into a historical and cultural centre.