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Parc de Husseren-Wesserling

Wesserling Park is a unique testimony to the textile industry in Alsace, located in the heart of the Valley of Saint-Amarin, in the South of the Haut-Rhin. Wesserling Park is a buzzing and passionate place, housing original gardens and shows.

An industrial and textile saga

The privileged site of Wesserling was first occupied by a hunting lodge built in 1635 by the princes Abbés of Murbach. A little later, it will be transformed into a noble Castle, before becoming of interest to the big textile industry bosses. The marine resources of the nearby river Thur, coupled with an interesting geographic position and abundant workforce, make Wesserling a choice industrial site. The Royal Wesserling Factory was founded in 1762 and will become one of the most important textile industries in France. It will even gain international significance as supplyer to Queen Victoria of England. This factory will give rise to a real social revolution: farmers in the surrounding area will become textile workers and the village of Husseren-Wesserling will experience incredible growth. However, over time the textile industry in Alsace is going to face a painful decline. The site of Wesserling is finally rescued by the General Council of the Haut-Rhin, who buy the buildings and gardens in 1986.