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Cité de l’Automobile

The Automobile City of Mulhouse is the biggest automobile museum in the world and houses the priceless Schlumpf collection, bringing together hundreds of vehicles from all eras. This rich heritage makes it an imperative place to visit, in the region of Mulhouse.

The tumultuous origins of the Schlumpf collection

Automobile City holds the impressive car collection put together by the Schlumpf brothers. Hans and Fritz Schlumpf were born in Italy, but their family moved to Mulhouse when they were very young. After founding the Anonymous Society for the Woollen industry, the Schlumpf brothers bought the HKD textile factory in 1957. Over time, Fritz will secretely buy an impressive number of vintage cars and begin work to highlight his collection, hidden in the HKD factory warehouses. However, a serious crisis affecting the textile industry and their employees' strike will lead to the bankruptcy of the Schlumpf brothers factory in the 1970s. They eventually flee to Basel, never to return to France. The cars are later put up for sale and purchased by the National Automobile Museum, which opens its doors to the public in Mulhouse in 1982.