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Colmar is located in the heart of Alsace, between Mulhouse and Strasburg, and is a jewel of the heritage and culture of the region. Colmar has a charming and authentic town centre, a very cultural county, and is the undeniable capital of the Alsatian wine-growing tradition.

The most Alsatian town of Alsace

Despite its status as capital of the Haut-Rhin, Colmar remains a medium-sized town, which gives it all its charm. Despite its modest size, Colmar has an architectural and historical heritage that is amongst the largest in the region. Its charming town centre is dotted with timber-framed houses steeped in history, of which the Maison des Têtes and Maison Pfister are beautiful examples; there are also some very picturesque districts, such as Little Venice and Fishmonger's Quay. Get lost among the bewitching cobbled streets of the town, enjoy a stroll on one of the canal boats and, in season, enjoy its magical Christmas markets. The exceptionnal location of Colmar, in the middle of hte Alsatian wine-growing region has given it the status of Wine Capital of Alsace.

A town with invaluable cultural diversity

Colmar has many internationally-renowned museums. The most well-known being the Unterlinden Museum and its precious Isenheim Altarpiece. The Toy Museum and Natural History Museum are less well-known, but just as interesting. Colmar has produced some big names, such as Bartholdi, who built the Statue of Liberty, and Hansi, a renowned Alsatian artist. The city is also known for its religious art and Church of the Dominicans, housing famous paintings by Martin Schongauer. But Colmar is also a buzzing city with festivals, concerts and all types of events taking place throughout the year.