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Ecomusée and Parc du Petit Prince

The Ecomuseum and Little Prince Park are both located in the Haut-Rhin county of Ungersheim. These two totally different tourist attractions are well worth a glance if you are passing through the south of Alsace: the Ecomuseum for its cultural and historical side, and the Little Prince Park to enjoy a relaxing family day out.

The Ecomuseum, an exciting living museum

The Alsace Ecomuseum is an original and historical living Museum, explaining daily life in rural Alsace, centuries ago. It houses a traditional Alsatian village rebuilt from scratch using dozens of authentic old buildings originating from across the region. These buildings were all saved from destruction, dismantled and then reassembled in the Ecomuseum. Timber-framed houses, farms, a school, craft shops, shops, a fortified Tower, Chapel, laundry and gardens... Everything is there! The Museum contains numerous furnishings, tools and farm machinery as well as various artifacts dating back to yesteryear in Alsace. Real artisans such as potters, blacksmiths, coopers and wheelwrights work there, thus transmitting their century-old skills to the visitors of the Museum and contributing to the life of the village. The aim of the Ecomuseum is to safeguard the exceptional heritage of Alsace and ensure the transmission of past habits and customs, so that these are never forgotten. The Ecomuseum regularly organizes folk festivals and fun workshops for little ones. It is a pleasant family day out and a fascinating voyage through time.

The Little Prince Park, a poetic and fabulous world

The Park of the Little Prince is a brand new poetic and original leisure park, the first 'Open air Park' in the world. It encompasses numerous attractions on flying, inter-planetary travel and the plant and animal world, some even akin to those of the Futuroscope in Poitiers. Visitors to the Park are invited to embark on a fabulous journey into the world of the famous character of Saint-Exupéry, through original airborne facilities. Tethered balloons, Aerobar, flying chairs, Aerousel, a giant trampoline park, jump Tower and 2D, 3D and 4D theatres will delight children and adults alike. Magical encounters are also on the agenda, on board a charming little electric train, with extraordinary animals, such as giant rabbits and sheep with four horns. The Little Prince Park is the outing for families staying in Alsace. Guaranteeing a day filled to the brim with playful and magical emotions for the young and old, in the company of the Little Prince.