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Les Dominicains de Ht. Alsace

The Dominicans of Haute-Alsace, located in Guebwiller, was a former convent during the Middle Ages, and plays an important part in the architectural and historical Rhenish heritage, which hosts various cultural events throughout the year, such as numerous concerts by renowned artists.

A convent with an original destiny

The convent of the Dominicans of Haute-Alsace was founded in 1294, under the German Holy Empire. During its history, it lived through several wars and conflicts, before being abandoned by the Dominican friars during the French Revolution. Following these events, both the Church and cloister making up the convent of the Dominicans of Haute-Alsace, are sold to private individuals. The convent will later become a factory warehouse, stables, a market hall and military hospital during the 1814 and First World War, before being requisitioned by the General Council of the Haut-Rhin. The latter invests in the restoration of the site, turning it into the polymusical Centre for the Dominicans of Haute-Alsace. The exceptional acoustics of the Church of the Dominicans of Haute-Alsace were discovered in the 19th century, when a concert hall was built, as part of an industrial sponsorship exercise. Today, the convent is totally dedicated to musical culture in all its forms.