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La Ligne Maginot

The Maginot line served as a line of defence for France, during the Second World War, with heavy fighting taking place. Today's remains of this impressive system of defence in Alsace, represent an undeniable historical heritage, and remain open to the public.

The Maginot Line, an imposing fortified system

The Maginot line was a line of fortifications built by the French, following the First World War from 1928 to 1940, along its borders with Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Switzerland and Italy, under the mandate of André Maginot, the then Minister of War. This imposing defence system is a complex and heterogeneous construction that was divided into several levels, including numerous more or less important structures, from modest outpost bunkers, to huge underground fortresses. During the Second World War, the Maginot line went from being in the hands of the French army to being occupied by German forces. In 1940 and 1944, it suffered extensive damage during heavy fighting in the region. The Maginot line was then partly renovated during the cold war, later becoming obsolete. Today, the remnants of the Maginot line have found their rightful place in French historical heritage.