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Mont Saint Odile

Mont Sainte-Odile is one of the top, Alsatian spiritual and religious landmarks, together with the Cathedral of Strasburg. A popular Christian pilgrimage site, the Mont Sainte-Odile culminates at 764 metres above sea level. It is located close to the village of Ottrott in the Bas-Rhin and is overlooked by the Abbey of Hohenbourg.

A tormented history filled with miraculous legends

The history of Mont Sainte-Odile dates back to the Middle Ages and is abound with legends. Under the reign of Dagobert II, Adalrich, the then Duke of Alsace, is awaiting his first child at Hohenbourg Castle and is praying for a son. However his disappointment is huge when a blind daughter is born. Disowned by her father, she is sent to the monastery of Palm in Burgundy, by her mother. At the age of twelve, the child miraculously recovers her sight during her baptism, and is named "Odile". When Odile returns to live with her parents, her father tries to force her to get married. Odile then flees to the Black forest. Later on, feeling remorseful, Adalrich offers Hohenbourg Castle to his daughter, who turns it into an Abbey. According to legend, Odile hit a rock with a stick, creating a spring of miraculous water for treating eye problems, which thus turned her into the Holy healer.