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Capital of Alsace and the capital of the Bas-Rhin, Strasbourg is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and has something to please everyone, whether in search of architectural gems, a vibrant arts scene, or good gourmet restaurants.

A city with an exceptional heritage

Strasburg is a metropolis that is steeped in history. Its town centre, classed a UNESCO World Heritage site, is home to priceless architectural wonders, showing visitors the fascinating past of the city, such as the majestic Notre Dame Cathedral, the typical district of La Petite France or even the beautiful Maison Kammerzell. Walk around the charming cobbled streets and stroll along the Ill, on foot or by bicycle ... Longing for some nature? The town offers numerous parks and green spaces where you can escape and go for a relaxing walk or go out for the afternoon. Strasburg, is Alsace in all its glory!

A lively and dynamic metropolis

Strasburg is also a young and dynamic city where life is very pleasant. Here, you will have the opportunity to attend world-renowned operas and plays. A number of artistic and cultural events of all kinds are held throughout the year. The music scene in the city is varied and full of life, with a large choice of venues for having fun and partying. Strasburg is an international city and capital of Europe, located on the border between France and Germany. The metropolis is also the most important University of Alsace, and leader in the field of biotechnology and pharmaceutical research.