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Château de Ferrette

Ferrette Castle is one of the oldest fortified castles in Alsace. Located in Sundgau, in the extreme south of the Haut-Rhin, its ruins overlook the town of Ferrette and are today invaluable evidence of the medieval era in Alsace.

From powerful fortress to derelict ruins

Ferrette Castle is built around the 11th century on the foundations of an ancient Roman observation tower. For a long time, it remains the main residence of the Counts of Ferrette, reigning over one of the most powerful Lordships of the region in the Middle Ages, before passing under Austrian governance in the 14th century. The castle is then repeatedly renovated, modified and improved. The Fugger of Augsburg have a rampart built to link the different parts and transform it into a garrison. Ferrette Castle suffered extensive damage during the Thirty Years War. It reverts back to being French at the end of the war and is partially restored, but will gradually become derelict and later fall into disrepair. The ruins of Ferrette Castle, successively sold to various private individuals, have today been listed as a historic monument and are being maintained by the town of Ferrette and the Department of the Haut-Rhin.