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Rental holidays in Alsace

Looking for holiday accommodation in Alsace ? Think about camping ! Campsites in the region offer a multitude of solutions on a shoestring, to house you during your stay in Alsace, from simple and traditional tents, to comfortable mobile homes, via unusual tepees or cabins, allowing you to spend an unforgettable holiday !

Camping, pleasant and simple holidays

Staying on a campsite during your stay in Alsace has its benefits. Camping, is a simple way of getting closer to nature. And it is also a way of spending a friendly holiday. Campsites in Alsace offer many leisure activities and opportunities for relaxation for the young and old : discoverery of the region, sports tournaments, games and entertainment, swimming pool, spa... There are numerous campsites spread throughout Alsace, allowing you to enjoy the best of the region at little cost, whether you are coming for a weekend or for a longer holiday.

Camping en Alsace

Traditional camping : practical and natural

Camping enthusiasts and nature lovers will enjoy sleeping in a simple tent. For a little more comfort, opt for a caravan or camping car. These traditional solutions will allow you the freedom to move around easily from one campsite to another in the area, in order to experience the diversity of Alsace. You will find a myriad of campsites in the mountains, plains, more or less close to the major cities, in the Haut-Rhin as in the Bas-Rhin where you will easily be able to pitch your tent or park your caravan.

Camping en famille en Alsace

Unusual camping : dare trying original holiday accommodation

If you want to transform your stay in Alsace into a unique and original experience, why not start by renting a tepee, an inuit tent or a cabin ? Several campsites in the region offer these unusual lodging solutions, always in a natural and privileged setting. Whether you spend your holiday as a couple, between friends or with family, you will keep unforgettable memories of your stay in Alsace, by choosing these atypical lodging solutions. Escape your daily life for a moment of and step inside the shoes of an Indian or Explorer. Change of scenery and dream holidays guaranteed !


The all-comfort campsite : rental cottages and mobile homes

If you would like to spend a cheap holiday in Alsace, but the prospect of sleeping in a tent scares you a little, the campsites in the region offer fully equipped mobile home and quaint cottage rentals. These holidays are the ideal solution for couples and families seeking simple, private and comfortable accomodation in a picturesque and pleasant setting, without having to pay the price of a luxury hotel room. With this type of rental, you will have a kitchen and sanitary facilities allowing you to spend a comfortable and independant holiday.

Location de mobile-home en Alsace

Alsatian campsites have everything needed to satisfy your needs, from the simplest to the most comfortable and always at a very reasonable price. Don't hesitate to trust them with your next holiday. Thanks to their services, your stay in Alsace will be stress-free and successful ...